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Aroma Vibrant, Fruity, Floral
Notes Tropical Fruit, Floral
Aftertaste Sweet and Fruity
Sweetness Medium
Body Medium

Named after one of it's local tribes, Guji is a small area in the Oromio region. Majority of the coffees grown in Ethiopia are not farmed in the same sense as other coffee producing nations. The trees grow in the wild as they have done since before coffee was discovered. These unique conditions bring out a complex yet balanced cup profile.

This washed Guji is vibrant, fruity, floral and highly aromatic. It has a medium body with a sweet, wine-like acidity along with a clean, sweet and fruity finish, making it one of the most complex coffees we offer. As an espresso, you’re going to get stone fruit and dark chocolate which is going to turn into cheesecake as a milk based beverage.