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Aroma Stone Fruits / Nuts / Wafers
Notes Prunes / Spices / Dark Cacao
Aftertaste Dark Chocolate
Sweetness Medium
Body Buttery

Our first offering from Coorg, Karnataka region, this coffee from Kanamad Estate is an embodiment of the all the hard work from planter to the roaster. The plantation established in 1900 is at an altitude of 3750-4000ft. Being nestled in the western ghats provides a unique biosphere to grown quality coffee. Kanamad Estate is also Rain Forest Alliance certified.

The coffee undergoes a special anaerobic fermentation producing an excellent cup quality - naturally we couldn't just stick with one profile for this amazing coffee. The dark roast profile brings out a pleasing aroma of Stone fruits, Nuts and Wafers. The coffee has a smooth buttery body with mild acidity and mild aftertaste. It makes a perfect starter for the day plain or with milk based beverages.