About Us


Hailing from south of India, waking up to the enchanting aroma of coffee was an everyday routine. Being around coffee from a very young age, you get to know the soul of it. And before you know it, it becomes an integral part of your life. Watching the elders brew and drink coffee, one learns how to choose the best coffee roast and the best way to brew it. You learn some by observing and some being taught. So, when the time came to do something which we are passionate about, coffee is all we could think of.

The third wave of coffee movement opened up a whole new era in coffee. Aspiring to get the highest form of culinary appreciation for coffee rather than considering it as just another commodity, giving importance to subtleties of flavor, varietal and growing region. Every aspect of coffee starting from the coffee varietal, the planters passion, selecting best beans from the harvest, finding the right profile for that coffee, roasting them and delivering them fresh, plays an important role in bringing you closer to that perfect brew in a cup.

 A lot of effort, passion, diligence goes into getting you that perfect roast of beans. We hope you enjoy it to the fullest :)