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Sweet Raisins, Sweet Spices, Hints of Coconut


Green Apple, Pear, Sweet Tamarind

Aftertaste Poached Apples
Sweetness Medium - High
Body Light

This Red Honey processed arabica coffee, from Salawara Estate, is delightfully bright with green apple and pear like acidity.
The sweet nutty aroma of the coffee transforms into a delicate bodied cup on the palette. The flavours will glaze over your taste buds with a subtle sweet and tangy experience of tamarind and apple orchards

Salawara Estate, located in the lush foothills of India’s western ghats near Sakleshpur / Belur region and spread over 145 hectares. This estate was established in the late 1880s. Salawara literally means a string of blessings which literally shows up in the coffees they produce year after year. From mouth watering fruity, citrusy notes to tantalizing chocolate and with mind numbing amount of varied processing, they are one of our finest finds. They were awarded best quality bean award from Ernesto Illy in 2018.